Xiaomi mijia 1c robot vacuum cleaner 1
Xiaomi mijia 1c robot vacuum cleaner 1
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Xiaomi mijia 1c robot vacuum cleaner 3
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Xiaomi mijia 1c robot vacuum cleaner

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Xiaomi Mijia 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2500pa Suction Home Sweeper 2400mAh Battery 20mm Obstacles Crossing APP Remote Control 100-240VMi Home APP:Downlo...
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Xiaomi Mijia 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2500pa Suction Home Sweeper 2400mAh Battery 20mm Obstacles Crossing APP Remote Control 100-240V

Mi Home APP:Download the APP on the Google Play or APP StoreThe APP supports muti-language setting(If APP connection fails, please open the APP setting and switch the region to China, then reconnect.)

Features:- Chinese Version- All-new vision navigation system featuring 166 wide angle fast capturing clean location and building a precise cleaning map path.- Powerful chip: VSLAM algorithm + CortexTM-A7 quad-core professor- 200ml automatic intelligent electric control water tank- Up to 20mm Crossing obstacles- 2500Pa powerful suction effectively removes dust from the floor gaps.- Cleaning in details: Floating Suction Nozzle + Strong Main Brush + High-precise Filtering- Built in 15 movement sensors Adapt to many home place.- Mi Home APP control for more functions settings

SpecificationBrand: Xiaomi MijiaModel: 1CType: Robot Vacuum Cleaner(Chinese Version)Color: White Battery: 2400mAh BatteryPower: 40WWifi: 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/nProduct Size: 353mm x 350mm x 81.5mmProduct Weight: About 3.6kgPackage Weight: About 5kgPackage Size: 40*40*13cm

Charge BaseCharge Base Size: 13012693mmRated Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.5ARated Output: 19.8V/1A

Note:The actual battery lifespan may vary thanks to the different use frequency.Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.

Package Contents 1 x Sweeping Robot1 x Charge Base1 x Charger1 x Water Tank1 x Side Brush1 x Wet Mop Cloth1 x Clean Brush

FAQ:Q: The mopping module has no water or less water, what should I do?A: 1. Check whether there is water in the water tank or not.2. Please install the mop correctly according to the instructions.3. Please clean the mop4. Please replace the filter

Q: Why water output from the mopping module is too large?A: 1. Please confirm that the water tank cover is installed.2. Please confirm that the filter is installed in place.

Q: What can I do if I can't power the product?A: 1. The battery is low. Please use the charging base to charge.2. Make sure the ambient temperature, and please use it at 0-40 C.

Q: The battery is insufficiently, recharged but not returning to the previous cleaning place, why?A: 1, Please confirm that the host is not in the do-not-disturb mode, it will not continue to sweep in this mode.2, If manually recharging or put the host back into the charging stand, the product will not continue to sweep

Q: Cannot return to the charging stand after partially cleaning or moving the positionA: After the partial cleaning or remote moving position, the robot will regenerate the map. If the charging stand is far away, it may not be able to automatically recharge.Please manually put the main motor back into the charging stand to charge.

Q: What happens about the regular cleaning not working?A: Maybe the battery capacity is low, the timed cleaning will work when the remaining power is over than 20%.

Q: What should I do if the robot is abnormal?A: Power off and re-powering.

Q: What's the reason for a failure of recharging?A: 1. There are too many obstacles near the charging stand. Please put the charging stand in the open area.2. The host is too far away from the charging stand. Please try to place the host near the charging stand.

Q: Why the cleaning ability is declining or the dust is easily spreading out?A: 1. The dust box is full. Please clean the dust box.2. The filter has been blocked. Please clean the filter.3. The main brush is wrapped by foreign objects, please clean the main brush.

Q: Cannot charging for the product, why?A: 1. No power the charging stand with socket plugging in. Please confirm that both sides of the charging stand power cord are plugged in.2. Poor contact, please clean the charging seat shrapnel and the host charging contact panel.

Q: How do I reset Wi-Fi?Simultaneously press the on/off and the return to the dock to charge button for three seconds. After hearing Waiting for network setting up, the Wi-Fi has been reset successfully and the on/off button indicator will start blinking.

Q: The robot's Wi-Fi cannot be successfully connected.A: 1. Please confirm the Wi-Fi password is correct, you can try to re-enter the password and then reconnect.2. The sweeping robot only supports 2.4GHz connection for the time being, does not support 5GHz. Recommended that the router not adds firewall or mac address filtering.3. The Wi-Fi signal may not be good. Make sure the robot is in a good Wi-Fi signal coverage area.4. Reset Wi-Fi and download the latest mobile version to try to connect again.

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